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She pulled out all the stops and left him reeling.

His publicist knew how much he hated book signings, but she insisted they were good for business. So here he was, spending another Friday night in some random city in America, with a cramp in his hand. Fan after fan whipped through the line, each one telling him their name…

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Melissa learns more than math from her study group.

Melissa hated the fact she was the oldest woman in the class. It shouldn’t have surprised her, though. These were college kids, and she was a mid-40s manager at a local electronics store. They needed this class for credit. …

My answer may surprise you

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If you’ve read any of the stories on this publication, the name Ashley Madison (AM) comes up a lot. It is the ultimate site for anyone looking to find another like-minded person to have a fling, affair, or the chance for an epic sex session with.

MonalisaSmiled and Teresa J…

I never looked back

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I could hear the whistle of the riding crop as it descended toward her ass. Her sharp intake of breath and the tears welling up in her eyes sent my heart racing. Her lips quivered.

“I want you,” she moaned.

At that moment, my cock reached a level of hardness…

These women brought passion to their lust filled affairs

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Who made your list? You know, the five famous people you can sleep with even if you’re in a relationship? If you say you have no list, I’m gonna call you a liar. You may not say your list out loud, but I bet you have one.

I have one…

Don’t act like you’re not intrigued

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If you follow even the tiniest amount of pop culture, then you know Comic-Con is Mecca for all things geek. It’s become so big that movie studios like Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars all wait until it rolls around in July to make massive announcements regarding their future plans. Thousands…

Betrayal doesn’t begin to describe the pain I felt

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We met in a concrete bunker as mortar shells exploded all around us. Looking back on it now, I should’ve seen the signs. A relationship that starts with such a high level of adrenaline is sure to flame out as spectacularly as it started. …

It not a fact, yet, but now is the time to ask the right questions

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I have a lot of respect for the women, and men, who have taken control of their sexuality and are making it big on sites like OnlyFans. I have to wonder, though, are we moving toward a sex future we are not prepared for? What do I mean by that?

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